Thursday, May 27, 2010

10 things I'd do if I had more time

Sometimes life is crazy and we can't always do the things that we enjoy. I for one, do not enjoy working 11 days in a row, some of those days being double/triple shifts. So, to pass my time and bare through my work, I think of things I'd rather be doing.

  1. Playing piano When I was in high school, during my last trimester I would play piano everyday for at least one hour. I love loved it. I only had one class/day so after that class I'd cozy on up in the practice rooms (which were soundproof, thankfully) and play away. I love to play and I find it really relaxing. We even have a keyboard and it's just collecting dust. It makes me a little sad.
  2. Exercising There are some kinds of exercise I enjoy. Even though I'm technically "exercising" at work by walking around all day, I don't enjoy it or find it relaxing. Particularly working at BR. 
  3. Baking I love to bake/cook. I'd rather make my food from scratch than by food from the store that is full of preservatives and junk. I feel bad that I have to resort to buying Brenan frozen meals to eat when I'm not home to make real food. 
  4. Scrapbooking I love this particular hobby because it is relaxing (to me at least) and it brings back good memories. Plus when you make things for others i.e. cards, etc it makes them happy too! I have tons and tons of stuff that is just dying to be used, but I don't have the time. Or space.
  5. Hanging out with Brenan I miss my husband. Either I see him early in the morning as I'm leaving for work, or I see him late at night when I get home. We may talk for a few minutes to catch up with each other, but I'd rather go and play with him. Ride bikes, play catch, video games, watch a movie, ANYTHING! 
  6. Play with the dogs I have two sweet puppies that are absolutely hilarious. However, I find myself walking in, being annoyed at them jumping on me (because they're excited to see me) and them taking them out in a hurry so I can get some sleep. Poor pups. I love you :)
  7. Reading I do like to read in my spare time. Do I have spare time? Not really. I read my lessons for my online classes...but that's not very exciting. I miss reading fun books for hours on end, or getting wrapped up in a new novel. Or, even reading my scriptures as much as I should. Sometimes 1 verse is all I get.
  8. Domestic & Artistic activities Sewing, painting, etc... I miss being creative and artistic. Not to say I'm an "artist" but I like to draw/paint, sew, create, etc...     
  9. SLEEPING! Fairly obvious. I miss sleep.
  10. TBD. I gotta go to work. I needed to leave 3 minutes ago!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Presenting Annie Patsy Potts

Here is our new puppy Annie! She is 8 months old, calm yet vivacious, and the world's biggest cuddle bug. We are still trying to train her and she and Walter will be starting training this month. Even though she is a fawn like Walt, they look very different. She is much lighter and softer, and she looks like an angry china woman. She and Walt will be married soon, then she'll be Annie Patsy Cole, instead of Potts (which we totally made up).

Here they are taking a nap together :)

Our little china woman

Both of them napping on me.Yes, she wears clothes. According to Brenan, only girl dogs can wear clothes.

P.S. Here is a cool blog I found


I think that sometimes life comes at you too fast. And just when things settle down, you get thrown a curveball. Life is crazy and there are always tons of decisions to make and directions to go. A constant concern/thought/struggle that seems to reside with us is where should we work, where should we live, when are we going to finish school? Someday, somehow, I hope all of these questions will be answered.