Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby List & Colors

So, everyone has been asking either me or my mom what I do/don't have for the baby (and yes, I'm registered at Target, the second most frequent question I get). Most of the time, off of the top of my head, I don't know what I do/don't have. I decided that I would list everything so that anyone can take a look. Plus, doing this gives me a good reason to start sorting through her stuff and it gives me something to do to break up the monotony of the day. I'm bored a lot.

Also, everyone keeps asking what her colors are. Here is the link to her bed set: Ladybug bed set
We are trying to stick with brighter pinks/greens and not so much the pastel colors.

Essentials that I do NOT have
  • Crib
  • Crib mattress
  • Bassinet
  • Stroller
  • Car seat
  • Newborn, size 1, and size 2 diapers
  • Burping cloths
  • Bibs
  • Onesies/layettes size 0-6 months
  • Diaper bag
Non essentials that I do NOT have
  • Toys
  • Baby hangers
  • Teething rings
  • Baby monitor
  • Breast pump
  • Baby bouncer
  • Play gym
  • Bottle cleaners
  • Bottle drying rack
  • Baby tub
  • High chair
  • Baby carrier/sling
  • Diaper Genie
  • Bottle/wipe warmer
  • Car window shades
  • Blessing dress
  • Shoes/booties
  • Hygiene kit (like baby nail clippers, thermometer, etc...)
What I DO have
  • Clothes size 6-18 months ( a lot)
  • 1-6pk of pacifiers 0-6 months (Avent brand)
  • 1-6pk of pacifiers 6-12 months (Avent brand)
  • 1-3pk of bottles (Gerber Brand) And just as a side note, I don't know what brand of bottles/nipples she'll respond best to when the time comes, so I'm a little unsure about what I need.
  • 1 baby powder
  • About 800 baby wipes (literally, I bought a case)
  • 1-Bath robe and bath towel
  • 1-Bath soap/shampoo
  • 2 boxes/each of oatmeal/rice
  • Oral/tooth care kit
  • 1-12 pack of baby wash cloths
  • Books, like Dr. Seuss, Disney, etc...
  • Diapers size 3-6, various amounts, up to 100-ish/each
  • Crib set with an extra sheet, dust ruffle, and matching 4 pk of receiving blankets
  • 1 fluffy blanket
  • 3 sippy cups
  • A "I am a child of God" picture frame

Here is her closet thus far. Starting on the left from that white & red old navy bag to the big Gymboree bag is 0-6 mo. clothes. From the Gymboree bag to the next Old Navy bag is 6-12 months. Old Navy to white bag is 12-18 months and the end is 18-24 months. And yes, those bags are all full of clothes. I don't have any baby hangers to hang the rest.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Something Borrowed

For Mother's Day my mom took me out to go see Something Borrowed. Now, I'm not sure what it is, but something really bothered me about seeing a 32 year old woman (Kate Hudson) portraying a mid-twenties lush/party girl. Yes I realize she's not that old but with her beauty and talent I feel like she could play such better roles. Or better yet, why don't they write her better parts for romantic comedies like this. I felt like she played the character well (annoying blond party girl) but I felt it was below her. Ginnifer Goodwin is absolutely adorable and I have loved her work in everything I've seen her in. However, in this movie the plot seems to drag and you just want to know who ends up with whom. I felt like I hit that point with about 30 minutes left in the movie. Why won't Dex just choose Rachel?! And what about Ethan and Rachel? Totally underdeveloped relationship/story there. **SPOILER ALERT** I secretly wish she would have chosen Ethan instead of Dex. Yes she ends up happy in the end but she could have been happy the whole time.

Ugh, overall, even though I liked it, I give it a 7 out of 10. The "comedy" wasn't that hilarious and why do they feel the need to throw in the f-bomb for no reason? Needless to say, it left me wanting.