Saturday, April 21, 2012

Attention Garage Salers

This morning we made it out nice and early (well, early with a baby) and hit up garage sales. We got lots of fun toys and clothes, but we are still on the search for the following:

Storage solutions
Like this one from IKEA (above) or Target (below). Something that we can put bins/books on/in to. Or if you just see the square cubes that would fit into the shelves, that works too. Toy boxes are just okay but I feel like these organize better.

A twin/full sized bed (mattress is priority over a frame) OR a convertible sofa sleeper-  We're willing to pay decent money for this for our guest/baby's room. Nothing questionable... 

The Hunger Games- I hear they are great but I don't know that I'm on board enough to pay full price...
A Convertible crib (baby >toddler >twin)  Not the end of the world if we don't find one.
A keyboard stand so I can steal back my keyboard from my brother.

Seriously, if you see any of these things, call me! Especially for storage solutions...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Stay at home mommy

Because I have the wonderful privilege to stay at home with Julia (and now that school is out for the summer) I have decided to take up some new hobbies to pass the time.

  1. Gardening. I am in no way a green thumb. My mom and dad are very talented in this area and perhaps it will decide to run in the family. So far I have a mostly alive flower that I got over a month ago--quite the feat. Soon-ish I will plant seeds for some pretty wildflowers and vegetables in my back yard. I will of course document my success/failure on our domestic goddess blog.Wish me luck.
  2. Family history- I have taken genealogy classes at BYU and so this isn't my first time around the block. Now that I kind of know what I'm doing, I just need to do it. I have the time, so no excuses.
  3. Reading- This should not be a "new" hobby, but it feels like it is. I feel like reading history books for school is not leisurely at all and so I think that recreational reading will be good for me. I have a couple of books I bought at the Provo Library's sale, and I also think I want/need to read the Hunger Games. Any other suggestions? 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Updates of all varieties

Finally the lockout is over. I was locked out of my gmail for over a week, and it happens to be the week that was full of events!!

Julia :)
Baby girl is 10 months old! I can hardly believe how quickly time flies. Her 9-month appt (more like10-month appt) was great because we found out she is finally in the 50% percentile for height and weight! Our little chunky monkey is growing up!! She loves the sound "moo" but doesn't really know what a cow is...She crawls and stands/climbs everywhere and really is interested in door knobs and light switches. Recently she decided she wants to feed herself everything, which makes our morning cereal and baby food quite the challenge. She also chews on her crib railing, which drives me crazy because it usually makes her gag, requiring sheet, blanket, and pj changes. She "talks" all the time and knows who mom, dad, and doggy are, even if she says those words for anything. She has become quite the champ at drinking through straws, which is fun. She loves to see herself in the mirror and is always "kissing" and laughing at herself. She pretty much is the happiest baby and cracks us up all the time. That girl has the cheesiest/cutest grin ever and she makes my day.

Baby #2
The day finally arrived and we found out that baby #2 is a boy! We are super duper excited to have the little fella join our family. As previously posted (dibs) we have already picked out our name and after much debate over Brayden (which we decided was stronger than Aiden, and it's kind of like Brenan and Aiden put win) or Jackson, we are 99% certain we are going with Jackson Theodore :) It was so precious to get to watch him move around in my belly and even though the tech thought he was moving a lot, he was not nearly as active as Julia was, our little gymnast.

 The three white dots are what indicates it is a boy. Girls show a flat white line.
 That wraps up all of the catching up! Oh, we were all sick and it was horrific. Every minute of it. Brenan ended up in the hospital because he was puking blood, but we're all okay now!