Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catching up

School has started, which means that posts will be few and far between. As a matter of fact, I'm procrastinating writing my prospectus for my senior seminar right now...

7 months old
On the 4th little Jules turned 7 months old! She isn't crawling yet, per se, but she is definitely mobile. The past couple of days she has been lifting her buns and rocking on all fours. She has gotten the hang of going from sitting up to her tummy without face planting, which is great. Some of her new favorites are her block set, apple juice, and her new found friend Walter (who recently and unfortunately became widowed. And yes, dogs can become widowed). Our favorite new achievement? She says bob/baba all the time now, which I find peculiar since we don't really use those words around her or give her a bottle. I guess they kind of sound like mom/dadda....

We spent Christmas in Colorado this year, which was great. Brenan surprised me and got Friday off from work and so we didn't have to drive down separately :) There are pictures but at this moment they are not uploaded. They will come, no worries. It was great to see family and spend some time away from Utah.

New Year's 
We went to bed at 11:30, we just couldn't hack it that extra 30 minutes. Mostly because Julia decided that she doesn't want to sleep through the night anymore. I think she has another tooth on the brink of exposure and it's just a waiting game at this point. Anyway, happy new year.