Friday, July 27, 2012

Our baby shower :)

I was inspired by a couple of different things to make my baby shower more crafty and less...traditional? I'm not big into measuring my belly with toilet paper, or sniffing melted candy from diapers, so I thought I would try something different this time around. I will post all of the "how-to's" on my other blog, In Pursuit of Domestic Goddessness

Instead of a traditional "it's a boy" sign, I opted to make one that showcased Jackson's name.

 We made cute little onesies for Jack, this is just one of the many cute ones that our guests made. 

I saw something similar to this on, yes, Grey's Anatomy. I cut out little cards that everyone could write notes on for Jackson that I can later put in his scrapbook. It turned out really cute. 

We had such a great time and were glad to have our friends come celebrate with us!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Julia's one-year photo shoot

My wonderful friend Amberly (who now has a photography blog: AO Photography) took Julia's one year photos a few weeks back and here they are!

Julia was not really in the mood to smile, but we caught a couple...

We finally caught a smile


Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Shower Invite

Facebook absolutely refuses to work on my computer and I don't trust the post office/myself to deliver invites on such short notice, so here is the invite for the baby shower. We are having brunch and doing fun stuff like this: Necktie onesie

Here is a link to mapquest of our address:

You are more than welcome to bring your kids/babies--don't stress over getting a baby sitter, we have lots of toys! Plus the dog will be gone, win-win :)

You can RSVP to me on facebook if you don't want to call/text. Totally cool, no biggie.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baby list & colors

It seems like I just did this...
I have been asked a lot lately what we need for baby Jackson and what our nursery colors are...Well here is the answer to all of that :) I also feel like this is more helpful than registries, even though I did them, because you can see what we need and get it anywhere, versus just Target or Babies R Us-- Like garage sales, hand me downs, homemade things, second-hand stores, etc...

Nursery Colors: Blue, brown, red
Here is his bedding, blues and browns. 

 Here is the "themed" artwork. Yes, we're going with a sports theme. The photo didn't turn out fabulous, but the red/brown are more defined in person.

Things we don't have:
Diapers size 1, 2 (and honestly, they don't have to be Huggies. Target brand, Member's Mark, and Fisher   Price are all brands we have also tried and liked.)
Bassinet Sheets
Crib skirt
Diaper pail (any brand is fine)
Wipe warmer
Changing table mattress pad thing
Night stand
Baby blankets
Crib mattress
High chair
Blessing suit

Things we have some of:
Diapers size N,1
Crib sheets
Socks (about 10 pair)
Breastmilk storage bags
Nursing pads

Things we have:
Clothes...a ton of clothes. **see below
Nail trimmers
Burp cloths
Blanket animal (like where it has a stuffed animal head in the middle of a tiny blanket...)
Avent bottles
Avent size 1 or 2 nipples 
Avent bottle adaptor ringsBumbo
Avent 0-6 month pacifiers
Receiving/swaddling blankets
Stroller (single and double)
Baby thermometer- digital, ear, or forehead kind
Pacifier clips
Lamp/night light
Baby wipes
Car seat
Baby bath/wash
Hooded towels
Baby mittens (the kind where they can't scratch themselves)
Bottle drying rack
Baby tub
Bottle brush
Changing table 
Bottle warmer
Radio and video monitors
Baby oil
Baby lotion
Pack 'n play
Baby mirror for the car
Nose suckers
Baby swing
Floor gym/play mat
Baby play bouncer
Rocking chair

My wonderful amazing sister-in-law gave us a ton of clothes (she has 4 boys). Combine her clothes with other gender neutral outfits we had and a few things that were given to us, we are good to go.These are just the nb/0-3 month clothes!! There is easily this much in the next size up...I just ran out of hangers.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Here are our Colorado adventures. We overlapped our visit with Brenan's sister and his aunt and uncle.It was a super nice vacation for me because not only did I get to see our family, I had a ton of people who wanted to play with or hold Julia, which was superb.

 The family hanging out at the cabin

Julia and Grandpa Ted

Brenan and Amber in a "friendly" game of ladder ball

Farewell lunch for Amber and her boys at McDonalds

Group shot, minus a couple of cousins...

Julia and Aunt Debbie at Black Canyon

Brenan and Julia, about 2 minutes before her meltdown

Impromptu swim party. Brenan wore his clothes and Julia went nakey...well, in a regular diaper