Saturday, July 16, 2011

baby photo timeline

 Here are a bunch of pictures of the baby. Enjoy!

 I am born.
 Weighed 4 lbs 10 oz
 First picture with mom
 First picture with dad

 Quinn's hand
 Uncle Quinn
 Grandpa Devey, 1 day old
 Super tiny!
 Grandma Devey

 Day 3. I leave the hospital
 The only car seat made to fit someone so small
 My preemie outfit. It doesn't fit anymore.
 Burrito wrap.
 Big eyes!

 Goodbye hats! Hello bows :) I don't have to wear hats anymore.
 Me and dad
 First trip to Seven Peaks, 5 weeks old
 I'm a move and a shaker. I don't sit still very often.
 Our little monster (yawning). This is my favorite picture! (6 weeks)
 Asleep on Grandpa Devey, 6 weeks old
 Asleep on dad, 6 weeks old
 Aunt Amanda, 3 weeks old
 Papa Ron, 3 weeks old
 First trip to Bridal Veil Falls, 3 weeks
 Sleeping on Papa Ron
 Sleeping on dad
 Daddy's cutie, 4 weeks old and crying :(
 5 Generations! 
First family photo, in front of a double rainbow! (Seth's wedding day, 5 weeks old)