Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Lorax

This may sound silly coming from an adult, but I really want to see The Lorax. It is made by the people that made Despicable Me (which I love) so I figured it should be pretty good. Then I see a commercial about The Lorax and Mazda. Seeings how my hubs works at a Mazda dealership, I have been pressing the issue to get free tickets to see it. Last night he gave me the bad news that only customers who buy new cars get free tickets. Lame sauce. And I'm not buying another new car. To my surprise this morning as I was packing boxes in Julia's room (and I knew I had a ton of Seuss books for her) I found Six By Seuss which includes, you guessed it, The Lorax. I am actually really excited to read it and I'm still hoping to see the movie. I am a little perturbed that the dealership won't give the salesman tickets, but Brenan did get a cool Lorax pin for his shirt.

Friday, February 24, 2012


This girl is growing up way too quick. In the past month she has learned to get herself into the sitting position (from her belly) on her own, she learned to clap, she got her 3rd tooth, and now she is crawling. She is also saying "mama" and since she has been on formula she is now sleeping through the night (hallelujah!). Also, she is going to be a big sister :)

 Every chance she gets to feed herself, she does. The days of giving her food are long gone, she is a big girl and wants to do it herself!
It's a little hard to tell, but she pulled herself up onto the piano to play. She sits on her knees now all the time!
 Showing off her teeth!

 Nap time? Not so much. She was sitting up in her bed, chewing on the railing. We decided it was time to lower her crib since she was pulling herself up. She already took one fall off of a bed, we don't need her falling out of her crib!

Coming soon: She has a really cute, new, grimacy smile and if I could ever catch it on camera, I would!

Friday, February 10, 2012

And then I was tempted...

The Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber, $5 off at Target...