Monday, March 15, 2010

The Walt

The other day, someone told me that we love Walter too much. Can you love your first and favorite puppy too much? I think there are those obsessive people that feed their animals top of the line gourmet food and dress their pets and have them groomed weekly. We are not those people. We wash Walter when we remember. We feed him decent food. I only feed him wet food sometimes because I got it on sale. Super sale. We don't dress Walter everyday --only if it's raining or Halloween.

But, here are the things we love most about Walter:

  • When we're gone he watches Law & Order and ESPN on our bed (our tv is on an auto timer so it turns on at 6 everyday).
  • He is a champ about us taking pictures.
  • He chases his tail when he is bored 
  • If he wants to play, he will jump up on top of the sofa and drop a toy on our heads to get our attention
  • He gives us kisses
  • He naps in the crook of our knee when we're in bed or on the sofa (see pic. below)
  • He can keep up with the big dogs i.e. Dozer and the stranger dog
  • He buries his bones and toys in our bed/in blankets/the sofa
  • When you wake up and are laying in bed, he will bring in EVERY toy & bone until you play with him

Monday, March 1, 2010

And the award goes to...

I would like to thank Brenan for staying close to the speed limit when we drove to CO and for taking care of me the past two days that I've been sick. Thank you for semi-embarrassing me at the wrestler's banquet...

Thank you mama Drea and papa Ted for giving us furniture. Now our bedroom looks like a bedroom and instead of vegging in front of the tv on the sofa, I now do it in my room.

Thank you St. Regis for being busy and giving me lots of hours since Banana Republic is gay and hasn't given me or Bren any hours since New Years. No, I do not like living off of one income. But I do like making $30/hour. Thank you Leon for giving me even more hours. I heart IRD.

Thank you George for giving Brenan a new job selling Farmer's Insurance. You the man!

Thank you mom for not getting mad at me when Walter chewed up a bunch of your paper while I was too busy online to notice. And thanks for giving me your antibiotics so I can get better.

Papa Ron, thanks for the entertaining conversations that we always seem to have while I'm in public; thanks for giving the people of Heber funny things to laugh at as they hear my end of the conversation.

Thank you random lady at the reception that told me I was pretty, then preceded to eat the decoration on the plate (that as I hear, was unwashed and just a garnish) made my night.

Thank you USA for having a Law & Order marathon on Sunday and for keeping me up all day to watch it instead of napping.

Thank you USA for winning so many medals at the Olympics and for not being as lame as the closing ceremonies in Vancouver. Catherine O'Hara, you're not a comedienne in any way, shape, or form.