Thursday, September 22, 2011


So, I hold the most bizarre grudges, mostly to do with entertainment.

My friend Emily recently posted on her blog about how excited she is for this week because all of her favorite shows are premiering. I must say that I join in her excitement. However, there are still some things that I'm trying to reconcile/get over from last season.

I still cannot believe that Cuddy dumped House. It really bothers me. It took them six season just to get together and then they barely stay together for half a season. I think she was being emotional and flighty and stupid. It bothers me. A lot. It bothers Brenan, too. We just  bought the 7th season and he refuses to watch the episode where she breaks up with him. I feel like they were meant to be and I don't know where they'll (the producers/writers) go from here. Bren and I both agree that this is probably the last season.

I have been mad at NBC for nearly three years for canceling My Name is Earl mid-season. We don't know what happened! You can't just cancel a show mid season. Jerks. I have no problem admitting that I really like that show and that I don't think it's replacements are nearly as good (Parks & Rec, Community, Outsourced, etc...).

I recently found out that another show we like was canceled. Traffic Light. Go to hulu and watch it because it is hilarious! Fox seems to cancel a lot of shows after their first season. Lame. Super lame.

This brings me to my most important new grudge. The release of the Star Wars on blu ray. I love Star Wars, but I will say that I am not a fan of this "new" version. George Lucas has completely ruined the integrity of the original films by digitally manipulating episodes IV-VI. They are not the originals. Part of their charm and nostalgia was to see that late 70's early 80's "special effects" and now it's ruined with modern digital replacements. We forked out (and by "we" I mean my dad) big bucks to buy the movies on blu ray and I'm really disappointed. I quit watching episode four about forty-five minutes in to the movie and I don't know if I can bring myself to watch the rest of the old ones without wanting to throw the remote at the tv. And I'm sure that George Lucas could not care less about this because he's rolling around in millions upon millions of dollars. Well guess what George Lucas? You've never won an Oscar. Suck on that!

And this brings me to my final thought: Modern Family is hilarious. Watch it. Love it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3 months old

It has been an eventful month for little Julia. After our trip to AZ we had Seth's wedding reception in the middle of the month. Then, the next weekend was John's  bday, and the weekend after that (Labor Day) was her blessing. Thus far Julia loves bath time, making faces (she'll mimic us, which we LOVE), and snuggling. She still has GERD :( and she is definitely growing a ton. We  have just now been able to fit her in 0-3 and 3 month clothes. The longest she has slept through the night is 7 hours, and it only happened once. She took moving to her own room like a champ and very rarely does she sleep with us. She is definitely a morning person and when she wakes up she is all smiles.

Here is our little doll:

 Julia with her cousin Grace. Grace absolutely loved holding her and wanted to help me take care of her at every turn.
 Let's be real, we're a pretty goofy family. This was at Seth and Nikki's reception
 Family photo. John needs to be photoshopped in. He ran away for some reason. Anyway, this is all of the kids and grandkids.
 I'm not sure why this photo didn't rotate, but here is Julia sleeping in her blessing dress.
 Another goofy shot of the three of us.
 This was just after her blessing. We tried to take as many pictures as possible while she was asleep. Of course, the sun was in our eyes. On a side note, Brenan gave her a wonderful blessing! Elder Nelson was there, so it made it even more special.
 Cole family photo.
Our precious little angel. She was exactly three months old on her blessing day.