Saturday, June 19, 2010

Official Dibs on Baby Names

Okay, first of all I am NOT pregnant.
Secondly, I'm posting my baby names so that I can say I have dibs. I know a lot of pregnant people and I don't want them stealing my names, like in Friends.

Jackson Theodore
Aiden Lee
Camden Alex

Julia Marie
Jasmine Eleanor

So, there are our baby names -don't steal them please :) They took a long time to come up with and are well thought out and they're family names. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's the little things...

Here are some great things that I have recently witnessed/had happen:

A ZEBRA in someone's back yard in Park City. Does it really surprise me? Not really. It was pretty awesome though. They also had a buffalo, donkey, and a mountain goat. I guess when you're rich and live in Park City, you can buy those sorts of things.

 This is a REAL picture of them!!!

The mouse story:
So I was at work at Banana Republic and I was bored out of my mind (strictly articulated) working in the fitting room. All of a sudden I hear a bunch of yelling over our earpieces, and the only distinct thing I could hear was "mouse at cashwrap." So they're all freaking out about this mouse...Hello, we live in the mountains and we're not food service. Chill folks. Then I hear, "she dropped her baby mice and they're all laying here." That's right, a mom and babies. So, while everyone is out trying to catch the mom I'm in the back laughing at their idiocracy. So, the lady that was returning her clothes who first spotted the mouse realized that the mice came from HER BAG! The momma mouse laid the babies in her shopping bag that had been sitting in her garage and the lady never noticed! People, honestly...

Buying honey butter at the Park City farmer's market. Best honey butter I've ever had. Plus, it's made with local honey which is better for you because it contains local pollens so your allergies won't be so bad. I don't have allergies, but still...

A lady finding the table that was exactly what she was looking for at our garage sale. Great, it's exactly what I wanted to sell. 

Keeping my window open at night and not smelling cigarette smoke or hearing our ex-special ed neighbor screaming all. the. time.

Having my papa come into town and having lunch with him. I hadn't seen him since July and he drove through on his way to Mexico and we had lunch with Tom and Alex at The St. Regis. Then they chilled at our house for a couple of hours. They needed a toilet close by. Apparently when you get older you DO need a diaper or toilet near by.

Making a trip to Home Depot (which I was pretty proud of, so was dad) and buying a tomato and cucumber plant for our new garden.

Alex thinking that when men got "fixed" they had their actual manhood cut off. No. No. No. So wrong. Men are not fixed the same way as dogs...

John thinking that since Annie has 9 nipples she will have 9 puppies. Wrong again boys. Which, by the way, I hope she is not pregnant but everyone seems to think she is.