Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our baby girl

Before I hear angry voices, pictures will come. I'm still trying to catch up on life. There are pics on Facebook for now...

So, our baby Julia decided to come a month early! Friday (6/3) I was laying in bed getting situated with my pillows when my water broke! It took me a second to realize what happened and then it hit me-- our baby is coming right now! I went into shock. Brenan checked in with our hospital and they told us not to come up because they couldn't deliver preemie babies, so we drove to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center (way closer than Park City) and Brenan carted me up to Labor & Delivery. Side note: he made me sit in a wheelchair on the way up.

We then started all of the frantic late night phone calls letting our family know that my water had broke. It was 11:30 at night so it took a while to get a hold of people. My mom showed up at the hospital about an hour later and we all sat and waited. Around 5 am contractions got more intense, but I hadn't dilated past a 2 yet. Then came the oxytocin. About 7 am I was crying through contractions, so they gave me my first round of pain killers at about 8 am. After it wore off, I was still in so much pain that I got my epidural -- about 10:30 am-ish.

This is where all of the excitement came in. My catheter (which at insertion I was dilated at a 5). It felt like it took forever for them to put it in, and when the nurse finally reattached all of my stomach monitors she noticed that the baby's heart rate had dropped drastically. She checked me again and within about 10 minutes I went from a 5 to a 10 and the baby was on it's way out. She ran out in the hallway to have the delivery team prep me and poor Drea (Brenan's mom) walked in not knowing that I was getting ready to push. They kicked her out :(   Side note: Brenan's family just happened to be in town picking up Quinn from EFY so they got to be here for the whole event! LUCKY!

When all of this happened Brenan was not at the hospital. He left when I was a 5 to go check on the dogs and pick up some stuff from our house. Luckily we only live 5 minutes away. The nurses found my phone for me and I called him to let him know that I was pushing and he needed to hurry up. He arrived and I had already been pushing. He jumped in to help me and within 20 minutes little Julia was here! I didn't even have to push her out, she contracted out. Just as she was about half way out my mom walked in the room, so she got to see her entering the world as she was arriving.

Julia Marie Cole was  born at 12:14 pm on Saturday June 4th weighing 4 lbs 10 oz and measuring 17.5 inches long. She was exactly one month early.

Since then she has been closely watched by doctors and she now weighs 5 lbs 8.5 oz and is 18 3/4 inches long.