Friday, March 9, 2012

Many exciting things

There are many exciting things happening right now

  1. Mad Men is starting again this month (which also means Banana Republic has a new Mad Men spring line)! Hooray!! I think we're going to fork out the extra money so that we get AMC in our Dish's worth it.
  2. We moved :) Our new place is absolutely fantastic. I can kick Walt out to the backyard and let him roam, we have 3 bedrooms, which means before baby #2 comes we have an extra room/play room and best of all...I finally have a dishwasher again!!! :)
  3. Pregnancy #2 is going much better than the first. I have been way less "actual" sick but I still feel nauseous/gaggy quite a bit. In 4 weeks we will find out what we're having.
  4. Brenan was salesman of the month for February :)
  5. Julia got tooth #4,5, and 6! She now has 4 on top and 2 on the bottom.She's also standing whenever she gets the chance, so walking should be in her near (ish) future.